merry christmas!

illustration: JBW
design: CFDW
concept: PVM


ocean study

ocean study (2,3,4)
watercolor (each measures 6" x 8")


sperm whale* x 3rd birthday

pescadotes celebrates its 3rd birthday today! many thanks to all my friends and family who visit the site.

sperm whale* (up to 67 ft, up to 125,000 lb)
eats: giant squid, octopus, other squid, megamouth shark, redfish, black halibut, monkfish, skate 

watercolor (18.125" x 24")




shrimpfish (up to 8 in, up to 10 oz)
eats: amphipods, copepods, other midwater crustaceans

watercolor (8" x 11")


great white shark

great white shark (up to 21 ft, up to 4,000 lb)
eats: seal, tuna, rays, turtles, seabirds, cetaceans, other sharks

watercolor (18.125" x 24")


blue shark

blue shark (up to 13 ft, up to 861 lb)
eats: squid, cuttlefish, pelagic octopuses, lobster, shrimps, crab, small sharks, small sharks, mammalian carrion, and seabirds

watercolor (8" x 11")


humpback whale*

humpback whale* (up to 52 ft, up to 85,000 lb)
eats: small fish and krill

watercolor (18.125" x 24")



american shad

american shad (up to 2.5 ft, up to 13 lb)
eats: plankton, krill

watercolor (8" x 11")



sennet (up to 1.5 ft, up to 3 lbs)
eats: small fishes, cephalopods, crustaceans

watercolor (8" x 11")


name the tunas, win the cards

*UPDATE* After Day 1, still no winners.
*UPDATE 2* On Day 2 @ 10:50 PM ET Kyle Rushton correctly identified all five tuna species. Congrats Kyle! Your 12 pack of 'dotes is on the way.

I will ship a FREE 12-pack of pescadotes cards (great for xmas thank yous) to the first individual who correctly identifies the five tuna species painted below. Make your entries in the comments. One entry per person please.

Answer Bank
Blackfin Tuna, Striped Bonito, Frigate Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Bullet Tuna, Albacore, Spanish Mackerel, Little Tunny, Bigeye Tuna, and the Skipjack Tuna.

watercolor (8" x 11")


pescadotes nyc

First Ensign Alex Connor adds "ship in ice" to his nautically themed apartment



right whale*

right whale (up to 59 ft, up to 200,000 lb)
eats: copepods, krill, pteropods

watercolor (18.125" x 24")


swordfish head

swordfish head

watercolor (18.125" x 24")

 a take on the swordfish from James Prosek's Ocean Fishes


fin whale*

fin whale* (up to 89 ft, up to 164,000 lb)
eats: krill, copepods, squid, small schooling fish

watercolor (18.125" x 24")




narwhal* (up to 19 ft, up to 3,500 lb)
eats: greenland halibut, arctic cod, armhook squid, cuttlefish, shrimp

watercolor (18.125" x 24")



shortfin mako shark

shortfin mako shark (up to 12 ft, up to 1,300 lb)
eats: swordfish, tunas, bonitos, cephalopods

watercolor (18.125" x 24")


minke whale*

minke whale* (up to 35 ft, up to 28,000 lb)
eats: plankton, krill, and small fish

watercolor (18.125" x 24")



hong kong grouper

hong kong grouper (up to 2 ft, up to 6 lb)
eats: small fishes, shrimp, krill, other crustaceans

watercolor (18.125" x 24")


jar shark

"The Physical Impossibility of Fitting Everything in a Car in the Mind of Someone Packing"
by Christine Woll, my former classmate and laboratory buddy
her mini Hirst
materials:  mason jar, plastic shark, solution of 50% Suave green apple shampoo, 50% generic brand green apple dish soap


ray: a life underwater

makes me want to go dive for treasure
by Amanda Bluglass


blue whale*

blue whale* (up to 100 ft, up to 400,000 lb)
eats: krill (about 8,000 lb a day)

watercolor (18.125" x 24")



nassau grouper

nassau grouper (up to 5 ft, up to 30 kg)
eats: fishes, crabs, lobster

watercolor (11" x 14")