atlantic herring school

atlantic herring (up to 1.2 ft, up to 1.5 lb)
eats: arrow worms, euphausiids, copepods, pteropods

watercolor (10" x 13")


ONLY NY Summer 2015

Great to work with my friends at Only again on two items in their Summer 2015 collection. Check out the Aquarium Gym Duffle Bag and the Aquarium Tee (also available in white)!

photos by ONLY NY / Chris Baliwas / Jacob Consenstein


atlantic mackerel

atlantic mackerel (up to 2 ft, up to 7.5 lb)
eats: herring, launce, silversides, squid, euphausiid shrimps, copepods, amphipods, crustacean and mollusk larvae.

watercolor (10" x 13")


Imaginary Menu for Food Republic

I was recently asked to take part in Food Republic's Imaginary Menu series, where they ask artists to dream up a restaurant and design a corresponding menu. As you can imagine, my project involved fish. Check out the final results HERE.

I had a lot of fun working on this project and am really grateful to my friends at Food Republic for the opportunity.


black sea bass

black sea bass (up to 2 ft, up to 9 lb)
eats: crabs, lobster, shrimp, mollusks, launce, menhaden (other small fishes), squid



pollock (up to 3.5 ft, up to 35 lb)
eats: small herring, sand eel, young cod/hake/haddock, smelt, pelagic crustaceans, ctenophores

watercolor (10" x 13")