pacific bonito

pacific bonito (up to 3.3 ft, up to 25 lb)
eats: anchovy, squid, pacific saury, jack mackerel, pacific hake, small fishes

watercolor (10" x 13")


ocean-phase chum salmon

ocean-phase chum salmon (up to 3.6 ft, up to 45 lb)
eats: copepods, fishes, mollusks, squid, tunicates

watercolor & goauche (18.125" x 24")


ocean-phase coho salmon

ocean-phase coho salmon (up to 3.5 ft, up to 35 lb)
eats: small fishes, squid

watercolor & gouache (10" x 13")


atlantic blue marlins

atlantic blue marlins (up to 16.4 ft, up to 1,803 lb)
eats: mackerel, tunas, squid, mahi mahi, pomfret, filefish, snipefish, juvenile inshore fish

watercolor & gouache (18.125" x 24")

*inspired by James Prosek


Only NY Striped Bass Tee

Many thanks to Only for taking an interest in my work and using one of my paintings in their Fall/Winter 2013 release. The Striped Bass Tee is available now in cream or white.


great barracudas

great barracudas (up to 7 ft, up to 110 lb)
eats: jacks, grunts, snappers, small tunas, mullets, killifishes, herrings, anchovies, cephalopods, shrimps

watercolor (13" x 10")


brook trout*

brook trout* (up to 2.75 ft, up to 14.5 lb)
eats: crustaceans, frogs, insects, mollusks, small fish



wave study

watercolor (all images are 6.5" x 4")

 the 1st image is available for purchase as a print here


spotted sardinella

spotted sardinella (up to 1 ft, 0.5 lb)
eats: copepods, nauplii, larval bivalves and gastropods

watercolor (6.5" x 4")


striped bass 2

watercolor (8.5"x 11")
*The 1st picture is a scan, the 2nd picture is taken with an iphone. The true image lies somewhere in between the two.


blueback herring

blueback herring (up to 1.4 ft, up to 1 lb)
eats: ctenophores, copepods, amphipods, mysids (and other pelagic shrimp), small fish

watercolor & gouache (8.5" x 11")



steelhead (up to 4 ft, up to 55 lb)
eats: insects, zooplankton, small fish, fish eggs

watercolor (18.125" x 24")

*inspired by James Prosek


great whites in San Francisco

a big thanks to pescadotes' first Society 6 customer, Allison Marshall!
get your own art print at http://society6.com/JosephWarren



mackinaw* (up to 4 ft, up to 102 lb)
eats: whitefish, grayling, alewife, sticklebacks, sculpin, small crustaceans, snails, insect larvae

watercolor & gouache (18.125" x 24")

inspired by James Prosek


buying prints from society 6

I uploaded a few images to Society 6, a company that creates fine art prints on archival paper from high quality image files. Check out my page: http://society6.com/JosephWarren.

If there is a specific pescadotes image not available on the site that you'd like to order, get in touch, and I will upload it to my Society 6 page. I also do commissions and sell originals.