win a pescadote!

to honor pescadotes reaching the legal drinking age (21 painted&posted pescadotes), i will be painting a creature for the winner.  make up the name and stats for this pescadote.  the best entry will win a painted pescadote of their choice.  tell me what kind of sea creature you desire and i will do my best.  please submit your contest entries anonymously in the comments.

length: up to...
weight: up to...

watercolor (10" x 14")


  1. Dethfish 2000 (up to 25 ft, up to 1000 lbs)
    eats: The souls of puppies

  2. Name: Striated Scorpio-Angler Fish

    Length: Up to 18'

    Weight: Up to 2200

    Eats: Cartilaginous Fish, Cephalopods, and Marine Mammals

    This is a large Angler fish that lives in the deep ocean but closer to the surface to eat. Mouth is very large for the size of the fish and the angler that drapes in front of the teeth (teeth about 5-9" long and razor sharp) as bait also has some venom at the needle tip of the bait to paralyze its prey (somewhat like a scorpion tail).

    The color of this fish is suited for the deep sea environment. Along the sides it is predominately black with red and green stripes running from top to bottom across the fish. However, the needle tip of the anlger fishes bait is a pulsating neon blue-green to attract its prey. The fish also produces a chemical that the line of its bait uses to make its prey believe there is a wounded fish in the area.

  3. i disagree with these clearly mistaken if not inferior guesses. this is a juvenile tiger shark. The Tiger Shark or Galeocerdo cuvier gets its name from its vertical stripes found mainly on younger Tiger Sharks. As these fish begin to mature their lines tend to fade. This salt water fish can live over 50 years in tropical waters across the world. They have sharp, serrated teeth and very powerful jaws. The Tiger Shark is found at depths of 0 to 300 meters below the surface. Tiger shark is a large macropredatory shark and can attain a length of over 5 m (16 ft). This shark typically reaches maturity at lengths of 2 to 3 m (6.6 to 9.8 ft). The tiger shark is a predator, known for eating a wide range of animals. Its usual diet consists of fish, seals, birds, smaller sharks, squid, turtles, and dolphins. Tigers have been found with man-made waste such as license plates or pieces of old tires in their digestive tracts, thus the moniker, "the wastebasket of the sea"

  4. name: Rainbow Shark
    length: just right, always fabulous!
    weight: a rainbow shark never reveals
    eats: anything scrumptious!

  5. Name: Sightless Donatello Shark, AKA "Blind Donatello"
    Length: He couldn't tell you.
    Weight: His size relative to buoyancy and salinity, but again, he doesn't know his size or where he lives. Never has a Blind Donatello been recovered for land-based measurements.
    Eats: Whatever he bumps into. There is little recorded research on this animal, but based on reports of an underwater autopsy, the Blind Donatello may also be without the sense of smell judging by the variety of ingested material. There is uncorroborated evidence that he may hunt with a bow staff.

  6. name: Samson the sandbar hopper
    length: up to 2 inches
    weight: up to 2 oz.
    eats: Samson is shy but not skittish. Samson likes to swim slowly around the sandbars and sing sweetly to the sight-impared shrimp, but would never thing to snack on them. When he gets hungry he takes a sip of sand and swirls it in his mouth before swallowing and spitting the sand back out into the sea. Oh, and Samson loves the sssssound of the ssssea.

  7. Hang Dogfish
    length: 4 feet
    weight: 65 lbs
    eats: rum and sargasso weed

  8. name: Striped Ghostface Killafish

    length: up to 10 feet

    weight: up to 2,200 lbs (at birth, 40z)

    eats: cephalopods, haters

  9. chabimbay ray
    size: a debatable five foot 7
    weight: just enough for the BMI to label this fish as obese
    eats: mostly italian but has been known to dabble in asian and leftover cuisines