snapper + grouper + wrasse

watercolor (10" x 13")

column 1
malabar snapper (up to 3.3 ft, up to 17 lb)
eats: small fishes, benthic crustaceans, cephalopods
brown marbled grouper (up to 4 ft, up to 25 lb)
eats: fishes, crustaceans, cephalopods
longfin grouper (up to 1.5 ft, up to 10 lb)
eats: shrimps, small fishes, crabs, worms

column 2
brownstripe red snapper (up to 1.5 ft, up to 1.5 lb)
eats: fishes, shrimps, crabs, other benthic invertebrates
floral wrasse (up to 1.5 ft, up to 1 lb)
eats: mollusks, crustaceans
hong kong grouper (up to 2 ft, up to 6 lb)
eats: fishes, crustaceans

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