blackbelly rosefish

blackbelly rosefish (up to 1.4 ft, up to 3.5 lb)
eats: foraminifera, polychaetes, amphipods, isopds, decapod crustaceans, bivalves, cephalopods, tunicates, small fishes, and salps

watercolor (11" x 14")

also pictured (from R to L): kingfisher, western grebe, tufted puffin



walleye (up to 3.5 ft, up to 25 lb)
eats: yellow perch, cisco, minnows, crayfish, leeches

watercolor (11" x 14")


76 fishes

pen (23" x 30")

 I will be making posters of this drawing in the near future. If you are interested in one, please send me an email.


Striped Bass Species Profile

Earlier this year I spent some time working on designs to revamp how state fishery agencies communicate information about their local species. Below is a rough draft I made for Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. The project didn't quite come to fruition, but the hope was that something like this would make it online and present information that was engaging and easily digestible.


atlantic herring school

atlantic herring (up to 1.2 ft, up to 1.5 lb)
eats: arrow worms, euphausiids, copepods, pteropods

watercolor (10" x 13")